Growth At RoofingSource

Meet the professionals at RoofingSource who have grown their career in the highly- demanded trade - commercial roofing. Both Temo and Gabi joined RoofingSource at various stages of their career and have embraced the opportunity and have grown into leaders. 

Originally from Mexico, Temo began his roofing career as a laborer when he joined the RoofingSource team in 2012.  Gabi had previous experience in roofing and joined the RoofingSource team due to growth potential and the responsibility of managing a crew and developing talent. Learn more about their journeys and how they have grown at RoofingSource.

Temo Hernandez 

Temo was born in Mexico and came to the United States nine years ago. Temo has performed all kinds of jobs from construction to masonry and landscaping to now roofing. Temo completed his high school education in Mexico. Originally, Tempo wanted to study architecture, but he took advantage of an opportunity to move to the U.S. with his family and strive for a better life. In his leisure time, Temo enjoys spending time with his family and playing with the family dogs. His hobbies include working out, biking, fishing, and of course spending time with his family.

Since working with RoofingSource, Temo says he has learned a lot and now is a Foreman overseeing a production crew in Southeast region. When he first started as a laborer, he learned about the different types of roof systems, the different materials used, techniques, and equipment. He now knows how to work with all kinds of membranes, including but not limited to TPO, EPDM, and MB.  He believes he has benefited greatly in his interactions with facility managers throughout the course of a job because it enabled him to develop excellent customer service skills and learn how to communicate more effectively. 

Gabriel LaSanta

Gabriel (also known by our team as Gabi) grew up in the town of Barranquitas, PR which is located in the central region of the island. For most of his life, he was always looking for new opportunities of employment. In 2009, he saw a newspaper where an organization from the United States recruited laborers in the PR area with no experience. It immediately sparked his interest, since he had no prior experience or knew of anyone in the roofing industry-so he decided to take a leap. Ever since then he has gained so much experience and expertise in the roofing trade and has not looked back since. 

Gabi sought a new opportunity that allowed him to grow as a professional so he joined the RoofingSource team and is now a Foreman that manages a traveling production crew. Gabi explains that RoofingSource is like a "family" for him. From his colleagues to leadership, Gabi states he will always give 100% of himself for the family of RoofingSource and is always appreciative for the opportunities provided to him. Gabi mentioned with the job opportunity at RoofingSource he has been able to provide stability and a better standard of living for his family. He looks forward to continuing his tenure as a Foreman at RoofingSource and helping train and develop novice roofers.