Why choose RoofingSource in the crowded field of contractors? 

RoofingSource's competitive advantage is a  multifaceted set of deliverables performed every day nationwide. They are integrated pieces that allow RoofingSource to create significant tangible value to our clients.


Maintaining Excellence

  • Integrated Management System is the framework of policies, processes and procedures used to ensure that RoofingSource can fulfill all tasks required to achieve our client's objectives.
  • National Technical Training is an ongoing training curriculum to ensure all technical personal are performing the same proven and safe procedures nationally.
  • Data Analytics is real world relevant raw data from of over 150,000 technical roofing service calls of what fails and what are  proven solution in the field.
  • Real Time  Reporting is a web based platform which streamlines communication of technical finding and solutions to our clients
  • Visual Intelligence utilizes our own UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) for thermal diagnostics and job site documentation. 24/7 Job Site streaming video allows constant visualization of the job site to ensure safety and compliance.

Visual Intelligence  - UAV of a re-roof at a O'Charley's restaurant .

24/7 Job Site Video  - Night tear-off and installation to minimize impact to restaurant guest.

A thermal scan of a small section of roof. It locates the exact location(s) of the roof failure(s) for our technicians. Images of the entire roof structure allows us to determine the extent of the entrapment of roof moisture contamination prior to re-roofing.