Repairs is a customized, building-specific solution created to extend the life of your current roof. RoofRestore are created to help clients avoid the cost of a roof replacement while preventing inevitable, expensive emergency leak repairs.

Both your Account Manager and local Field Advisor will create a cost-effective RoofRestore to bring your roof to a serviceable/maintainable condition.

Reroof is a new roof installation consisting of either a recover (recovering of your existing roofing membrane) or reroof (tear off and installation of a new roof system, including insulation and membrane). A reroof is conducted with minimal disruption to our client’s business operations. Considering RoofingSource’s commitment to maximum transparency, all RoofReplace clients are provided with before/after photos and live stream from the job site. In order to ensure consistent quality, RoofingSource is self-performing, meaning RoofingSource does not use subcontractors.