Solution-focused, technology-driven

RoofingSource's competitive advantage is a multi-faceted set of integrated daily management processes. These sophisticated operational systems allow RoofingSource to create significant tangible value for its clients nationwide.

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At RoofingSource, we full-time, certified Field Advisors and crews nationwide. By being self-performing and not sub-contracting, we ensure our people are trained to provide solutions relevant to the specific brands we service. Self-performance is the only strategy to ensure quality, budget, schedule, and safety - all while delivering true accountability and transparency to each client.

Self-Performing RoofingSource

Data Intelligence RoofingSource

Data Intelligence

RoofingSource and their clients are constantly learning from historical data of previous service calls. Ongoing material modifications and repair techniques are judged by analytical data accumulated nationwide from each client’s individual buildings and among the 10,000+ buildings maintained by RoofingSource. This detailed data allows RoofingSource to make the most appropriate and effective repair at time of the service. This data intelligence allows clients to understand valuable insights for future building design considerations and forecasting models for their portfolio. RoofingSource provides:

  • Historical data accumulation from over 500,000+ service calls in the last 11 years

  • An analytical software which delivers failure frequency, rooftop areas, type of membrane, age, membrane condition and other conditions

  • An asset management interface which details life span, conditions, asset value, warranty repository, budgets and forecasting models

National/Brand Field Advisor Training

RoofingSource provides an ongoing training curriculum to ensure that all technical team members are performing to the standard methods and safety procedures across the nation. Each Field Advisor is trained to learn the unique culture and expectations of each of national brands and every building they service.

National/Brand Field Advisor Training RoofingSource

Business Tools

Business Tools RoofingSource

24/7 Re-Roof Project Documentation
Job Site streaming video allows constant visualization of the their job sites to ensure safety, security and compliance. This 24/7 footage enables facility managers located hundreds of miles away to view the visual progress and completion of their buildings’ projects.

Fleet Management Solution
RoofingSource utilizes a fleet management solution that provides visibility into each service vehicle’s exact location, fuel usage, speed and mileage. This transparency enables RoofingSource to reduce operating and capital costs, ensuring the best value to their clients.


UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Documentation
RoofingSource utilizes UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for before/after photos of re-roof projects. This aerial photography allows client to view projects from afar and communicate the project to their peers without ever having to step on the roof or be near the building. 

UAV Thermal Scan RoofingSource

UAVs Thermographic Camera
A UAV thermal scan of a roof identifies the exact location of the roof's failure while images of the entire roof structure helps to determine the extent of the roof's moisture contamination prior to re-roofing.  The thermal scan also provides visual documentation of energy loss around the building’s envelope.